Clutha District Council re-starts fluoridation.

Unfortunately the Clutha District Council voted to fix the fluoridation delivery equipment so that the towns of Balclutha, Kaitangata, Milton and Tapanui could have fluoridation returned. According to the report given to council on the 10th of December 2020 this is at the cost of $352,000+GST with an annual running cost of  $57,000+GST. See Otago News item Dentists hail outcome of fluoride vote

Council press release says fluoridation was restarted during the week ending Friday February 2024.

Clutha District Council was overdosing fluoride.

Clutha council exceeded the Maximum Allowable Value (MAV) for fluoride in Tapanui’s drinking water three times last year.

Fluoride Free NZ sent an email to Clutha District Council 19th November 2019 advising fluoride levels exceeded the MAV. Clutha District Council Exceeding MAV

12th December 2019 Clutha Council posted a notice advising residents that fluoridation had been suspended in Balclutha, Kaitangata, Milton and Tapanui for technical reasons.

Data received from the Clutha Council in October 2019 shows fluoride levels in Tapanui exceeded the Maximum Allowance Levels in 2019 three times. (g/m2 = ppm or mg/L)

Date Sample TakenLocationFluoride Level (g/m³)
2/01/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.19
10/01/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.20
18/01/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.84
26/01/2019Tapanui – Reticulation1.00
28/01/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.86
5/02/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.42
13/02/2019Tapanui – Reticulation2.00
21/02/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.70
1/03/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.24
9/03/2019Tapanui – Reticulation1.90
11/03/2019Tapanui – Reticulation2.00
4/04/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.59
12/04/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.41
20/04/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.26
24/04/2019Tapanui – Reticulation0.24

Background to Clutha District’s fluoridation.

Fluoridation was started in Balclutha 1967 but no other Clutha district areas at that time.

However, in 2007 Southern Health ran a campaign to have all councils initiate a referendum in their area asking if people would like fluoridation started. 60% of residents voted FOR fluoridation. (See Results of Local Referenda for more details).

In 2009 the Clutha council voted to start fluoridation in Milton, Tapanui and Kaitangata. The Ministry of Health provided a loan that did not have to be repaid providing fluoridation continued in the region for at least ten years.

Clutha Long Term Plan Feedback

25th June 2015 Council had considered the issue of fluoridation several years ago and held a referendum regarding the introduction of fluoride to the additional communities in the Clutha District. At present there are no plans to review this practice in our district. – Clutha District Council

Balclutha, Kaitangata, Milton and Tapanui

6 June 2015 Otago Daily Times Fluoridation Submissions

14th February 2011

Sadly the Clutha District Council has begun fluoridating Kaitangata.  No warning was sent to parents not use the tap water for babies, so we can expect at least 30% of children who grow up in Kaitangata from now to show the outward sign of having been poisoned by fluoride which is the development of dental fluorosis.  The only warning in this Otago Daily Times article is to advise parents to stop using fluoride tablets. It’s unlikely that very many were doing this anyway.

17th October 2009

Questions sent to Clutha District Council in August this year, answers received on the 15th September.

See Question 3 – It is very surprising that the Department of Corrections would need to make their contributions subject to a confidential agreement. What is it they don’t want people to know?  FANNZ has made a request to the Office of the Ombudsmen that this information be made publicly available.

Q1. How much did last year’s upgrade of the Milton Water Treatment facility cost? Answer: New Water Treatment Plant Cost – $4.63 million
Q2. How much was paid for by any organisations other than the Clutha District Council?       Answer: 75% of the capital cost of the new Milton Water Treatment plant was paid for by another organization, the Department of Corrections.

Q3. Were there any conditions for contributions made by organisations other than the Clutha District Council?        Answer: The Department of Corrections contribution was subject to the conditions of a confidential agreement.

Q4.  How much did Milton’s new fluoridation equipment cost?       Answer: The Milton Water Supply is not currently fluoridated – but Council has made an informal application to the Ministry of Health for assistance to install fluoridation equipment.

Q5.  Who paid for the new fluoridation equipment?       Answer: Not applicable.

Q6.  What type of fluoride is being used in the new fluoridation equipment? Answer: Not applicable.

Q7.  How much is it costing the Clutha District Council to provide fluoride to Milton?      Answer: Not applicable – earlier this year we estimated that this will cost approximately $10,300 per year to operate once installed.
Q.8   If any on-goings costs are being met by organisations other than the Clutha District Council, please provide the name of the organisation and how much they are contributing      Answer: On going operating costs for the new water treatment plant are being fully met by charges to customers who are receiving water.

5th October 2008

Unfortunately Clutha District Council voted to introduce fluoridation into Milton and Tapanui.

22nd May 2008

Clutha District Council will hear submissions on its Draft Annual Plan which includes plans to fluoridate Milton, Kaitangata and Tapanui.  Olive McRae and Bruce Spittle will be there to represent FANNZ and present our Clutha Submission.  Residents of these areas need to let their Councillors know that they do not want fluoridation and that they will not stand for it. Attending the submission hearings on Thursday the 22nd, writing to the Councillors, writing to the local papers and ringing the local radio stations are all very important things people can do to stop this.

24th November 2007

FANNZ sent the following submission to Clutha District Council Clutha letter to full council.doc with a number of attachments.