Dear Taupo Mayor and Councillors,
I would like to thank Councillor Boddy and Councillor Chrustowski for taking the time to come to the Fluoridation presentation last night at the Great Lake Centre.
Once I receive the presentations from Prof Paul Connett and Dr WIlliam Hirzy  I will make them available to all Taupo Councillors so you can all understand the scientific basis of our concerns regarding fluoridation. I have attached the latest peer reviewed research (published within the last 3 days) that shows harm to the thyroid at levels above 0.3ppm fluoride. Taupo fluoridates between 0.7ppm and 1ppm. This is an important development in the fluoridation debate as people have been calling for peer reviewed evidence of harm.
There were a number of Dentists and Doctors that attended the meeting. It was excellent that they took the time to come and listen as well. We certainly appreciated them doing so.
In the Q&A section of the meeting Dr Nick Wilcox of the Taupo Dental Centre, said publicly that 11 Dentists and 12 Doctors are mobilising to push for more fluoridation.
I suggested that we hold an open transparent public debate on the issue. Dr Wilcox has agreed to holding this event in principle. My suggestion is that we have three speakers on each side with a neutral moderator that has been agreed upon by both groups.
As you will be aware fluoridation can be a particularly devisive issue. We hope to avoid confrontation on this topic and I would appreciate your support in helping us arrange this debate so that it is a community event.
I will now contact Dr Wilcox to move the organisation of this debate forward. If you would like to speak to me to discuss this plan I am available to do so.
Yours sincerely,
Kane Titchener
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