(From right: Howard Hu, Bruce Lanphear, Philippe Grandjean, Kathleen Thiessen)


These are direct quotes from the four main scientists testifying in the trial opposing fluoridation. All of them have extensive, impeccable credentials and are known world-wide for their excellent work. It’s very important to note that even the EPA had previously retained all four as expert consultants on other issues including Mercury, Lead and Fluoride. Click on their names for their Court Declarations.


Howard Hu, MD, MPH, ScD “The results of the ELEMENT prospective cohort studies are consistent with and support the conclusion that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxicant at levels of exposure seen in the general population in water-fluoridated communities.”



Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH “Converging results from the MIREC (Canada) and ELEMENT (Mexico) cohorts indicate that exposure to “optimal” levels of fluoride during fetal development is associated with diminished intelligence in childhood.”



Philippe Grandjean, MD, PhD 

The IQ losses associated with community water fluoridation are substantial and of significant public health concern.”



Kathleen Thiessen, PhD “Fluoridation chemicals present an “unreasonable risk” of neurotoxic effects, including IQ loss, if assessed under the same risk characterization and risk determination framework that EPA uses in its evaluations of other chemicals under TSCA.”