Councillor Fluoridation Postion statement
Mayor Ross Dunlop Appears to be in support Taranaki Daily News 3/6/2011 he is quoted as saying “upgrade of the Patea and Waverley water supplies was a perfect opportunity to introduce fluoride. I am very supportive of at least investigating that and consulting with the stakeholders to see if there was wide support,”
Alex Ballantyne Supports fluoridation Taranaki Daily News 3/6/2011 he is quoted as saying “the Ministry of Health website had irrefutable advice on the use of fluoride. And the evidence is very clear on this there is no question about it”
Ian Armstrong According to Taranaki Daily News 3/6/2011 he wanted some reputable, independent advice to help councillors understand the matter better.
Mike Powell Taranaki Daily News 3/6/2011 “With all due respect, your worship, it is irrefutable to those who feel that way,”
Ian Ward Taranaki Daily News 3/6/2011  “the council should look at fluoridating all of the district’s water supplies”
Gordon Lawson
Bonita Bigham
Michael Self not sure It is an issue that I have only briefly looked at but yes I would be prepared to look at a range of views. I don’t have a lot of faith in just the Ministry of Health’s line in many subjects: 245t, urea use…
Andy Beccard
Kristy Bourke Not sure I have read reports for both sides of the argument and both have very valid points. At this stage I have to say I am confused and undecided.
Mike Powell
Kelly Judkins
Peter Johnson
Te Aroha Hohaia


Candidate Fluoridation Position statement
Ben Julian Not sure You are dealing with a subject that has been thrown around the traps for so many years and I personally don’t think a resolution to please all will ever be found.
David Towers Not sure My choice is for a referendum for this and any other programme that is supposed to influence our wellbeing. It must be the peoples choice.