“My 10 year old son had an appointment with the community dental clinic on Tuesday. He got a fissure sealant on one of his molars. This is the only work he has had in two years. The decay in Jacks front teeth was visible from age 2, he got his first filling at age 3, and had to have two teeth pulled at 4 because of a abscess under a filling. Multiple fillings up until his last required treatment in 2011, a stainless steel crown on a juvenile molar.Apart from the obvious fluorosis on his remaining baby teeth, his teeth are in good shape. My two year old daughter has the same genes, but beautiful teeth. I credit the fluoride free toothpaste we have used for the last 18 months and unfluoridated water.

Thank you, Fluoride Free NZ, for providing a solid base of credible information on the website for me to check out. Without it, I’m not sure I would have really weighed up the mountains of info and gain the understanding I have now.”