Legal Action on Fluoridation

On the 9th April 2024 an Injunction against the Hastings District Council was filed in the High Court in Wellington. See  Fluoride Free New Zealand and New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science take legal action against Hastings District Council over Fluoridation.

New Health New Zealand case against the Director-General of Health regarding the legality of the Directives sent by the Director-General to 14 councils. A point of clarification was made in November 2023 that found the directives were unlawful but the judge ruled, unexplainedly, that the directives still stand. See our page New Health New Zealand vs Director-General of Health for details.

Fluoride Action Network (USA) have sued the US Environmental Protection Agency for failing to do a risk assessment on fluoridation, as may be required under the Toxic Substances Control Act.  See US Fluoridation Trial.

New Health New Zealand case against South Taranaki District Council was started in 2012. It culminated in a Supreme Court Ruling in 2018 that found that “fluoridation was compulsory medical treatment” that engaged section 11 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights – the right to refuse to undergo medical treatment. See Fluoridation is mass medication, NZ Supreme Court rules.

New Health New Zealand case against the Ministry of Health regarding the fact that fluoridation is carried out for a claimed medical purpose which means that it should come under the Medicines Act. Culminated in Supreme Court decision that fluoridation chemicals were not medicines but judge advised Medsafe to exempt them from the Medicines Act just in case. See New Health New Zealand vs Ministry of Health.

The legal power by which Local Councils fluoridate New Zealand water supplies derives from a Privy Council ruling in 1965. See The Privy Council Ruling on Fluoridation in New Zealand.