What can you do to help end fluoridation right now?

1. Email your mayor and councillors (see suggested email below).

1a. Since it is an Election Year, please also email as many candidates and political parties as you can.

2. Print Fluoride Free NZ’s brochures and spread the word.

3. Become connected via the Fluoride Free NZ facebook page or Telegram Channel.

4. Sign up to receive Fluoride Free NZ newsletters. See SUBSCRIBE button on right hand side.

5. Connect with your local Fluoride Free group.

6. Start collecting petition signatures and emails to be added to the Fluoride Free NZ mailing list.

7. We need financial support to raise awareness. Please donate if possible.

8. Provide a testimonial. Email your testimonials to

9. Write Letters to the Editor. Find the email addresses to send to here.

10. Talk to people. Start raising this issue with friends, family and workmates. Share links from this website. How much do they know, not know?

11. Donate one or more of these books to your local library. Let us know so that we can make everyone aware that they can read these books.

12. Offer to help. We usually have lots of small things that need to be done, usually from home on your computer.


Template Letter to send to your mayor and councillors

Dear Mayor and councillors

I am aware that the Director General of Health (DG) has recently sent a Directive to our council to start fluoridation. This is against the wishes of many people in this community. Please stand up for our community as you have been elected to do.

See Email Addresses of Councillors and MPs to find the email addresses of the mayor and councillors in your area.