In 2014 the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor and the Royal Society of New Zealand undertook a Review of Fluoridation. This was in response to questions being raised by Auckland City councillors who had attended a talk by visiting US fluoridation expert, Prof Paul Connett.

The Review was done hastily and was done to meet a political agenda. Information received under the Official Information Act shows that the authors decided from the outset that they did not need to thoroughly review the evidence on fluoride’s harm as they believed it had already been done by Government organisations in other countries, and it would take far too long for them to complete.

Below are links to the Review itself, critiques of the review and other pertinent information.

Health affects of Water Fluoridation. A review of scientific evidence

Review Timeline

Review Contributors

International Critique of the Review

Critique by Prof Paul Connett

Comparison with other International Reviews

Correspondence received under Official Information Act