After doing a lot of research due to feeling ill and wanting to live a cleaner lifestyle.  I was disgusted to learn fluoride which has been promoted for heathly teeth is a well known toxin. And this toxin is been put in our water.

It doesn’t matter if the dose in our water is low. It is a poison!
No level of poison is safe.  So while I can buy a distiller to help minimize the effects of fluoride i’m drinking ( and yes i feel better, since doing this)

We are not just putting this poison in our mouths, and in our childrens mouths.  We are drinking it, we are bathing in it, we wash our food in it and we don’t have a choice, this is appauling.

It’s known to damage the thyroid. It’s known to damage bones.
Its known to cause stomach problems. It’s known to increase the risk of cancer.
Floride is a key componant in rat poison and some insecticides.

This needs to stop. If individuals want flouride for their teeth, it can be their choice. But don’t poison the rest of NZ with this toxic chemical.

If trends are anything to go by, you will notice an influx in kiwis looking for more natural products including a fluoride free toothpaste. So why would we want this in our water which we use for so much.  Please stop poisoning us.