Whanganui has never been fluoridated. Locals have always strongly objected. A referendum in 2006 was strongly in favour of remaining non-fluoridated – 74% opposed fluoridation.

When a Bill was introduced to Parliament in 2016 to shift decision making to the DHBs, a new Whanganui group was formed to oppose fluoridation in Whanganui. As at 2019, this Bill has still not gone through so the decision currently still remains with the Council.

What we know about the current council (elected 2019)

Councillor Comments
Mayor Hamish Mcdouall
Charlie Anderson I am absolutely against mass medication of fluoride for all the reasons stated below.
My further concern is the ones who seriously need dental hygiene and care don’t drink water anyway, they drink sugar drinks which some argue are cheaper than water, that arguments is unfounded, if people drink water from the tap, and not supermarket shelves. To summarise, the people who need it wont get it , and the ones who don’t need will be poisoned on mass.
Philippa Baker-Hogan
James Barron
Josh Chandulal-Mackay
Helen Craig I always base any decision on good evidence. When and if council is asked to make a decision about Floridation (I was not aware we would have any say in the matter), then I will consider all the evidence and community feedback. I thought this was a health board issue to decide, and I’m unsure what ability the Council would have to say in enacting their final decision. Sorry to be so vague, but this has not formally come before council, so I havent put my mind to all the issues. I really appreciate all the work you have put into this issue however, and whilst I’ve kept a watching brief, I haven’t delved into the detail at this point. There is always so much else to do at Council, that I do concentrate on what is in front of us, rather than what might come in front of us at some time in the future. I believe this has been discussed for over 6 years and still has come to a pointy end!
Brent Crossan
Jenny Duncan Just confirming my stance. No to Fluoride. It comes up quietly from time to time but gets no traction.
Kate Joblin
Hadleigh Reid
Alan Taylor WDC will not be delving into this matter as it is destined to become a DHB concern. I am reluctant to enter into a position without hearing fully both sides of any debate informed by sound evidence. If the WDC were to submit to the DHB on this in the event that it was intended then, if a councillor, it would be appropriate to consider that at the time.
Rob Vinsen
Graeme Young