Since 2009 FANNZ has been putting in feedback to all of the Councils in New Zealand that continue to fluoridate. We now also ask every concerned citizen to do likewise.  This is a reasonably simple and important piece of action people can take.  Feedback can be in the form of an email and can be as long or as short as you like with as many attachments as you like (e.g.Why Fluoridation Should be Ended in New Zealand by Dr Paul Connett). The main thing is that it says you are opposed to fluoridation and would like the council to stop. The Draft Annual Plan process was the catalyst to having fluoridation stopped in Taumarunui and New Plymouth in 2011 and Waipukurau in 2012, Hamilton in 2013 and for Kapiti Coast District Council and Palmerston North City council deciding to include fluoridation as an item in the Draft Annual Plan this year.

Please send a submission to your local council and any other council you wish during the dates below. You don’t have to live in the area to put in a submission. The councillors only receive a summary of the submissions unless the submitter is appearing in person, then they get the whole submission that was sent in. Therefore, it is really helpful to take the opportunity to speak to your submission as not only do you get that extra five minutes, it also means the councillors will have received your submission in its entirety.

Below are the Councils that have fluoridation with the dates that submissions will be accepted, the email address to send your submission to or website page where it can be lodged online and the date/dates the submissions will be heard.  If you send an email please put “Submission to Draft Annual/Long Term Plan” in subject line to ensure it is in included. Thanks.

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Council From
To Contact Hearings
The Far North District Council 23rd March 23rd April Long Term PlanOnline form
Whangarei District Council 24th March 24th April Long Term 17th May – 20th May
Auckland Council 16th March  
Hamilton City 13th April 15th May  
South Waikato District 18th March 20th April  Long Term Plan
Thames Coromandel District no need to give feedback this year as they are holding a referendum later this year.
Waikato District 17th April  
Taupo District 2nd March 4th April
Whakatane District 12th March 13th April Long Term plan see  7th – 11th May
New Plymouth District 25th March 24th April  3rd – 5th June
South Taranaki District 30th March 6th May  
Stratford District 14th March 20th April  Long Term
Gisborne 16th March 17th April
Hastings 4th April 8th May
Kapiti Coast District 20th March 24th April Long Term plan email second half of May
Masterton District 10th April 22nd May Tuesday 2nd June 1:00pm and 6:00pm and Wednesday 3rd June 9.00am
Porirua City  April April Long Term
Upper Hutt City 18th March 20th April Long Term Plan
Hutt City 30th March 30th April  
Wellington City 13th March 17th April Long Term Plan
Wellington Regional 16th March 20th April Long Term Plan email 19th, 20th and 21st of May
Manawatu District 8th April 8th May Long Term plan
Palmerston North City 21st March 23rd April  
Clutha District 7th April 7th May Long Term Plan
Dunedin City 25th March 28th April  
Invercargill District 11th April 11th May  Long Term Plan


If you would like to send a bulk email, you can BCC the addresses below:

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No email address, have to use website forms: ; ;

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