Methven in the only place, apart from Burnham Military Camp, in Canterbury that is fluoridated. It is also only one of the few places in the south island that is fluoridated. The other places being Dunedin, Invercargill, Balclutha, Milton, Tapanui and Kaitangata. It also holds the dubious honour of having the highest fluoridation level in their water in the whole of New Zealand and probably the whole of the world.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health recommend a fluoride level range of 0.7ppm to 1ppm with a target of 0.85ppm. Methven follows this advice. However, the other countries in the world that fluoridate recommend a maximum of 0.7ppm or less.

What we know about the current council (elected 2019)

Councillor Comments
Mayor Neil Brown
Liz McMillan
Rodger Letham
Lynette Lovett
Stuart Wilson
Leen Braam
John Falloon
Carolyn Cameron
Diane Rawlinson
Angus McKay


Methven Referundum 2008

Following the second defeat of fluoridation in Ashburton in 5 years, the Methven Community Board asked the Ashburton District Council (ADC) to hold a similar referendum in Methven. The ADC agreed.

Unfortunately there was very strong support for fluoridation to continue in Methven and the result was 76% (627) for fluoridation and 24% (203) opposed.

The campaign in Methven was more fraught than usual. A six page advertorial, paid for by the group opposed to fluoridation, which explained the dangers of fluoridation in the local newspaper, was removed at the Methven 4 Square.This was actually a criminal offence.A building owner had given permission for a sign opposed to fluoridation to be placed on her building in central Methven that was under construction. The pro-fluoridation builder took the signs down, insisting that the building belonged to him until the final payment was made. This was legal nonsense. The signs were eventually placed on billboards erected on the site, which the builder conceded belonged to the owner, not him.