New Nelson Campaign Launched 2022

A big campaign was held in Nelson in 2016 that succeeded in keeping fluoridation out of Nelson’s water. Unfortunately, the government has now implemented a law for mandatory fluoridation for the whole country. The Nelson District Council is one of 14 councils that have been contacted by the Director General of Health in July 2022 with orders to start fluoridation.


Zoe Byrne and Dharan Longley give presentation to the Nelson City Council supported by a large group of concerned residents – 6th July 2023.



Former DHB member Judy Crowe speaks at Nelson meeting 15th December 2022



Nelson/Marlborough Fluoridation Information

After a massive campaign by local Nelson residents, the Nelson City Council voted to write to central Government to request that fluoridation should be a decision for central Government, not the councils.

12th May 2016 Nelson council to remind DHB that it should consult residents

28th April 2016 Concerns raised at health board

30th November 2015 Fluoride fears discussed at Nelson meeting

28th November 2015 Community Meeting Stoke Memorial Hall, 548 Main Rd, Stoke. Guest Speaker is Wellington dentist, Dr Stan Litras.

Mainland TV coverage of Nelson meeting

25th November 2015 Health Board faces tough questions Nelson Mail

25th June 2015 Children’s tooth decay rates drop 

5th June 2015 The Marlborough Express – Marlborough District Health Board calls to fluoridate Marlborough’s water

25 May 2015 Ministers need to ‘step up’ and address fluoride issue, says mayor 

16 May 2015 ‘Outlier’ dentist challenges plan to add fluoride to Nelson’s water supply

13 May 2015 Leadership needed on fluoride debate

12 May 2015 Fluoridation is number one priority, NMDHB tells councilors 


Nelson premiere protest by Fluoride Free NZ 28 May 2015

About 20 members from Fluoride Free NZ held a protest outside the event at State Cinema and spokeswoman Sara Cooper said while they agreed with the messages around reducing sugar consumption, they were concerned the film was being used to push fluoridation of Nelson’s water supply. “We are very much pro, no sugar but this is a very good platform for [Beaglehole] to push fluoridation. It’s a worthwhile time for us to come and say no thanks, we want to keep our choices open to us.”

Dr Rob Beaglehole will be at the State Cinema at 530pm on Wednesday 27th May. There is a protest about the fact that sugar is the problem and fluoride is not the answer. See the facebook event page. Fluoridation in Nelson? Nelson has never had fluoridation. NZ MOH statistics show the children have about the average rate of dental decay compared to the whole country with around 55% of children having no decay at all. For the remaining 45% the average number of fillings for 5 year olds is 1, and the average number for Year 8 children is 2. There is definitely no dental health crises in Nelson. However, Beaglehole has an agenda to meet since he has the job of spokesperson on fluoridation for the NZ Dental Association. 

Mainland TV Interview

Wellington dentist, Dr Stan Litras, interviewed on Mainland TV.(2015)