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1 July 2015 Otago Daily Times Fluoride delay

A decision on adding fluoride in Ranfurly’s water supply will be delayed for up to 14 years.

The Central Otago District Council agreed yesterday to put the issue on the ”back burner” until after it meets national drinking water standards.

The Maniototo Community Board voted in 2011 to add fluoride to the Ranfurly water supply and three years later, the board agreed to seek more feedback and information on the issue.

The council, rather than community boards, now has responsibility for decisions about the district’s water supplies, so the matter was on the agenda at yesterday’s meeting.

”I think this is a talk that should be had at national level, not community level, but we’re not here to debate the merits or otherwise of fluoride, so let’s put it on the back burner,” Cr Martin McPherson said.

Cr Stu Duncan said the Maniototo board had voted on the matter then revisited it and delayed making a decision.

Council water services manager Russell Bond said meeting the drinking water standards should take priority and the council agreed to delay making a decision until the supply has been upgraded.

That process could take up to 14 years.


6 June 2015 Otago Daily Times Fluoridation Submissions

23rd March 2013 Otago Daily Times Reprieve for Ranfurly. Council decides to consult with residents again this June.

14th March 2013 Otago Daily Times Fluoridation back on the Agenda for the little town on Ranfurly


10th December 2011

The Otago Daily Times reported yesterday that the Manitoto Community Board had voted to introduce fluoridation into the small town of Ranfurly. They have done because of the 2007 referendum where 385 people voted for fluoridation and 323 voted against it. These votes were received from the entire Manitoto region, Ranfurly itself only has around 700 people.  The ridiculousness of spending $25,000 to install the equipment and then $500 to $700 per year for operation costs when most of the population is elderly seems to escaped all Board members except Sue Umbers.  Even if 20% of the Ranfurly population were under 15, that is only 140 children! Surely $25,000 plus could be far better spent even if someone did believe in fluoridation.

Good 2011/2012 draft Annual Plan submissions and presentations were given but by all accounts it doesn’t look as if there is any real interest from enough of the councillors.  Clutha only introduced fluoridation to Milton a couple of years ago after Department of Corrections subsidised their new water treatment facility.  We don’t know what the conditions of the subsidy were, but do know that the fact that there is a new prison in Milton had something to do with the Dept of Corrections helping to pay for water treatment facility.

14th February 2011

Sadly the Clutha District Council has begun fluoridating Kaitangata.  No warning was sent to parents not use the tap water for babies, so we can expect at least 30% of children who grow up in Kaitangata from now to show the outward sign of having been poisoned by fluoride which is the development of dental fluorosis.  The only warning in this Otago Daily Times article is to advise parents to stop using fluoride tablets. It’s unlikely that very many were doing this anyway.

31st August 2009

According to Central Otago District Council “To date no planning has taken place, due to internal resourcing issues. Council intends applying to the SAWTAC committee for funding prior to Christmas 2009. Once funding is secured then this issue will be referred back to the community for confirmation to proceed.”

It is the Sanitary Works Technical Advisory Committee (SAWTAC) this committee advises the ministry of health on who should receive sewerage subsidy.  To explain, the funding for fluoridating community water supplies was included in the government sanitary works subsidy scheme.

5th October 2008

The Vincent Community Board decided NOT to introduce fluoridation to Alexandra and Earnslceugh/Manuherikia.  However, the Maniototo Community Board voted to introduce fluoridation to Ranfurly as the Mayor of Central Otago, who was on that Board, felt that we have to trust our local health authorites.  He obviously doesn’t realise it is actually his lawful duty to fully inform himself on this subject and not just follow the leader.


14th May 2008

At the Central Otago District Council meeting held on the 14th May the Council considered the issue of fluoridation since two of the wards within this district voted (just) in favour of fluoridation.  The Manager of Assets and Contracts provided the Central Otago Recommendations May 08.pdf Report recommending that the issue be handed over to the Community Boards involved for them to make a more localised decision.  FANNZ also provided its Central Otago Submission.doc and Olive McRae and Bruce Spittle from Waitati and Dunedin attended and gave a twenty minute presentation to the Council on behalf of FANNZ and their own personal submissions.

This issue will therefore likely to be heard at the Vincent Community Board meeting on the 16th June and the Cromwell Community Board meeting on the 7th July.  This issue has definitely not been decided on so it is really important for residents to let their community board members know how they feel.  Attending the community board meeting would be an excellent way to do this.  Act before it is too late!!