Kapiti Coast Stop Fluoridation Campaign

Qucik Facts: Fluoridation started in Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Raumati in the early 1970s. No fluoridation in Otaki or Paekaekariki.  Fluoridation chemical used is hydrofluorosilicic acid, costing around $40,000 pa. See here for sources of public unfluoridated supplies.

Public consultation on Draft Annual Plan starts 26 March 2014 until 28th April 2014. Public Hearing period 20th – 22nd May 2014.

9th May 2014

The Kapiti Coast District Council is advising that 627 submissions were received on fluoridation, 366 in favour of retaining it and 261 in favour of stopping it.

However, it is not really correct to say that 627 submissions were on fluoridation as the council included a question on fluoridation on the draft annual plan which people could only choose “yes” or “no”. They did not provide a similar question on any other topic that was in the draft annual plan. And worst of all, they made answering the question mandatory if someone filled in the online form. This was an obvious attempt to get the numbers up for the pro-fluoridation side. Will be interesting to see how many “submissions” in favour of fluoridation are actually submissions or just a tick of the box.

Kapiti Coast District Council media statement Good Response to Draft Annual Plan

Fluoridation as Special Item within 2014 Draft Annual Plan Hearings

Wednesday May 21: this day will be reserved for Fluoride. However, individuals will be speaking on all three days of the hearing for the draft annual plan; Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd.

Day Session: 10am to 5pm and Evening Session: 6pm-9pm 10am

Fluoride Free NZ – one hour only of presentation time (inclusive of DVDs etc). Followed by 30 minutes Q&A

11.30 Capital Coast Health – one hour only of presentation time (inclusive of DVDs etc). Followed by 30 minutes Q&A

1pm Lunch break

1.30pm presentations from individual presenters.

5pm Dinner break 5.45pm presentations from individual presenters.

8pm Fluoride Free NZ 30 minute Closing Statement

8.30pm Capital Coast Health 30 minute Closing Statement.


1st November 2013 – Kapiti Observer – Council announce fluoride consultation

November 2013 – Council announce consulation will held early next year and Kapiti resident takes Court Action against Council for 2010 decision.

September 2013 – Council will be reviewing fluoridation some time after the elections.

Kapiti Observer 10th June 2013 Kapiti debates fluoride

Kapiti Coast District Council 7th June Council consult again over fluoride

Mayor Rowan is reported in the Kapiti News 27th March 2013 as being supportive of a review of Fluoridation in Kapiti.  The newspaper published Peter Daniel’s speech to Council as well as comments from the mayor and one of the councillors.

Fluoridation Position Statements of Kapiti Coast District Councillors elected 2010

Kapiti District Council 2011/2012 Draft Annual Plan Submissions Hearing

Presentations in Kapiti went well.  Unfortunately, 7 of the 10 councillors are new so we have to bring these new councillors up to speed.  Fortunately, they all seem pretty reasonable and listened to our presentations with interest.  We feel that at least one of the councillors will bring this topic up a bit later in the year, so this is an area where we need to keep up pressure.

26th March 2011

Public meeting and presentation by world leading fluoridation expert, U.S. Prof Emeritus Paul Connett at Kapiti Community Hall.

24th March 2011

Presentation by Paul Connett to Kapiti Coast District Council – meeting open to public.

Peter Daniel and Mike Woods donate copies of “The Case Against Fluoride” by Paul Connett to Paraparaumu.

See Kapiti Observer Jan 2011 Picture Title.gif and Kapiti Observer Jan 2011 Article.gif

27th August 2010:  Council Decide to Lower Fluoride Despite MOH advice

Kapiti Coast District Council resolved today to lower the fluoride levels from 1.0 ppm to 0.7 ppm.

The MOH were recommending they go no lower than 0.8 ppm and they had only recommended that because the councillors had requested a report about lowering the levels. The councillors also resolved to make a tap available in both unfluoridated Paekakariki and Otaki so that residents from Raumati, Paraparumu and Waikanae can go there to get unfluoridated water. The council is also going to do a report into how they could provide a tap in Paraparaumu or Waikanae to supply unfluoridated water.

The Medical Officer of Health at today’s meeting was claiming that mild dental fluorosis was not a disease so Cr Peter Daniel asked him if he didn’t agree with the World Health Organisation. Go here for WHO info on fluorosis.

There is a good active group of residents in Kapiti who are going to raise this issue again with Kapiti Coast District Council after the elections.

ALERT: Kapiti Coast District Council is considering lowering the amount of fluoride added to the district’s water supply. To this end, the Council has commissioned a report. This report is due to be discussed at the Council meeting on:

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Kapiti Coast residents concerned about fluoride in their water are encouraged to attend the meeting and make their voices heard.

Meanwhile, sign the petition. Send this link to everyone you know in Kapiti. 

American public health professional Daniel Stockin writes to Kapiti Coast District Council

Past notices:

11th June 2010: Unfortunately councillor Lyndy McIntyre was told fluoridation would not be discussed at this time so she arranged work meetings in Australia. Cr McIntyre had advised the CEO she would vote to stop fluoridation. This left the vote split 5 – 5 which by law means the status quo remains and Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Raumati remain fluoridated.  Councillors who voted to stop fluoridation were Peter Daniel, Sandra Patton, Tony Jack, David Scott and mayor Jenny Rowan. Mayor Rowan did NOT do a casting vote which would have broken the impasse.

Kapiti Coast District Council will meet to decide whether to cease fluoridation: Thursday, June 10th, at 11:00 am, Council Chambers.Members of the public are encouraged to attend.Kapiti residents, attend this meeting if possible. A solid presence in the Chambers will signal the strength of public opinion.

1st April 2010: Council resolves to discuss whether to stop fluoridation of the central district during the 2010/2011 annual planning process in June. See Press Release 1 Apr 2010.

Residents, have your say. The Council will be accepting submissions between12th April and 13th May. People can send in anything from a 500 page document to a one paragraph email. The main thing is to let the council know you do not want fluoridation.  Download a submission form if you want to use a standard template. This can be changed to say whatever you want to say.

26th September 2009: Stop fluoridation petition launched in Kapiti

A group of concerned Kapiti residents have chosen to start a petition to ask the Kapiti District Council to stop the fluoridation of Raumati, Paraparaumu and Waikanae. 

“Fluoridation has got to stop.  It is harmful to health and a violation of human rights” says Daniela D-Ronberg, spokesperson for the newly-formed Kapiti Fluoridation-free Campaign. “I am particularly worried that we are still allowing this when the American Health Authorities are advising that babies are getting too much fluoride through the normal tap water when making up baby formula.  Fluoride cannot be boiled out.”  

The last two studies in New Zealand that looked at dental fluorosis (the first outward sign of fluoride poisoning) showed that 30% of children in fluoridated areas had some form of dental fluorosis as compared with only 15% in non-fluoridated areas.

This petition has come as a result of Tuesday’s film night where residents were able to watch two half hour videos on fluoridation.  These videos consisted of an interview with an award winning BBC journalist and an overview of fluoridation by professionals such as doctors, dentists and scientists from around the world.

Daniela D-Ronberg says “All of continental Europe does not allow water fluoridation. Anyone supporting fluoridation needs to watch these two videos before they can consider themselves to be making an informed decision.  Otherwise they are coming from a position of ignorance.”

The group intend to circulate both an electronic and a paper-based petition over the next few months which they will present to Council at the end of the year.

Contact Daniela D-Ronberg on 027 4949719 for further information.