Which Countries Fluoride?

TV advert aired on NZ TV3 July and August 2016. Shows New Zealand is one of the few countries that still has fluoridation and that other countries, without fluoridation, have teeth just as good, if not better. It also shows that there are public dental health policies that really work that could be implemented in…

Fluoridation and the Environment

Living Environment – Guide to life science!

This 31min video made for the Portland campaign is one of the best we have seen on fluoridation. The graphics and narrated text are superb.

It is about the actual science on fluoridation: its effect on salmon and the environment, efficacy for dental health, and safety for human consumption.

Fluoride Free NZ Wins on Advertising Complaints

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled in favour of Fluoride Free New Zealand (FFNZ) regarding their controversial TV ads screened this winter. All of the complaints against the FFNZ TV ads were rejected. FFNZ produced two TV adverts that aired on TV3 in July and August this year. The Advertising Standards Authority…

Elections 2016

Responses from candidates have been updated as at Wednesday 28th of September. Click HERE for a PDF with a list of all the candidates that have responded to a survey sent to them plus some other candidates whose position is known to us. You can also this information on this spreadsheet Take note – the…