In the later 1980’s I became very ill with a mouthful of ulcers and continuous diarrhea. 

My doctor was stumped.  As it had been happening for several months and even with medication, was getting more serious all the time

He therefore sent me to see a Specialist at Auckland Hospital.  He turned out to be the top Professor of Urology.  After several tests his initial thought was that I had Crohn’s disease.

However after further tests they showed that I didn’t.  He also hadn’t any other answer and suggested I find a specialist who may be able to help.  

I was told it was serious as I was constantly dehydrating,  however much water I was drinking.  Which was a lot as I was continuously thirsty and that it was painful to eat.

An acquaintance told me of a Specialist GP that he had seen who had a lot of experience in unusual types of illnesses.  I visited him and after asking a lot of questions and studying my tests he said I had Fluoride poisoning.

He had experience of it with Calcium Fluoride a natural type in several counties overseas.    He told me to buy a reverse osmosis water filter and only drink water from it.  

He also gave me a Pure Water association magazine and also read up anything I could find about Fluoride and its effect on the body. 

He then asked his nurse to  give me an injection and to come back in two days.  After he checked my progress the nurse gave me a second injection and asked me to come back in a week.

I initially became aware of the diarrhea reducing and the ulcers dying down.

In the meantime I read as much as I could about Fluoride.  The very first article was from a South African nurse dealing with the problems I had on a daily basis.

As I read more I found that Fluoride is very poisonous with no known safe dose, but that it had been proposed that it could be beneficial for tooth enamel.  Some dentists and dental scientists etc. proposed that a dose in the millionths of a gram per litre had no detrimental effects on the body.  However a very large number of biochemists and other members of the medical establishment didn’t accept this.

As no one knows how much water each of us drinks and the amount of fluoride imbibed.  How can anyone know what is a safe dose.  Obviously it wasn’t for me.

 I also found that the Fluoride added to drinking water is in fact industrial waste not naturally occurring or tested pharmaceutical product.  It seems it is extremely costly to dispose of.  Hence the enthusiasm to promote its use in this way. 

This is not the naturally occurring fluoride as is often claimed.  There is nothing natural about it.  Often it is scraped from the insides of chimneys etc.

Countless tests and trials have been done, often with the results manipulated.  In most cases the tests that were favourable were conducted by companies who produce fluoride as a by-product, or people associated with them.   When properly analysed there are never any benefits from treating drinking water with it.

The majority of countries don’t add it to their drinking water.  In some it is banned by law.   Unfortunately for me Auckland and parts of New Zealand did and it is being proposed that the whole of country does.

Whatever happened to the clean green country we used to live in.  The majority of water isn’t drunk it is used for washing etc.   Therefore there is a lot of water running onto land, into rivers, the sea etc. that is contaminated with this poison.  I wonder what the countries that don’t use it will think of our image then.  Or the products they import from us processed with fluoridated water.  Some of our largest customers are the nations banning it.

I personally would really like to see the proponents of this practice made to sign an agreement.  That if it can be found that any harm comes through their ill-founded actions and belief.  That they are held financially and criminally responsible.  Perhaps then they would do better research and not make decisions on a whim.

A. Farndon. Taranaki.

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