Our View
Ray Wallace– Mayor For 2011 – Voted against a referendum and now wants to go along with the Minsitry of Health
Tui Lewis (Harbour Ward) Against Has said so personally
Max Shierlaw (Western Ward) Against 2011 – Voted FOR a referendum – Definitely against fluoridation
Gwen McDonald (Northern Ward) Supports consultation 2011 – Voted FOR a referendum
Barbara Branch (Eastern Ward) Against Has said so in the past
Lisa Bridson (Eastern Ward) Against 2011 – Voted FOR a referendum
Margaret Willard (Wainuiomata Ward) Supports Consulation 2011 – Voted FOR a referendum;
David Bassett (Central Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum. Is on the DHB so has a conflict of interet.  This means he can only vote on process but not on a vote directly on fluoridation i.e. could vote for a referfendum but couldn’t vote to stop (or not) fluoridation.
Chris Milne (Central Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum. Is strongly in favour of fluoridation
Angus Finlayson (Northern Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum
Margaret Cousins (Western Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum
Michael Lullich (Western Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum
Campbell Barry (Western Ward) Unknown New councillor – possibly open minded


Note : In 2011 councillors voted on whether or not to have a referendum on fluoridation, therefore, candidates who were councillors have their vote recorded here. Voting for both Tui Lewis and Mike Fisher in the Harbour Ward would help oust pro-fluoride Ross Jamieson and a vote for both Max Sheirlaw and Lynnette Vigrass would help oust pro-fluoride Margaret Cousins.


Position statement
Ray Wallace (Mayoral candidate) For 2011 – Voted against a referendum
Tui Lewis (Harbour Ward) Against .
Mike Fisher (Harbour Ward) Against Petone’s water is renowned for its pure clean taste and image, I have followed the debates around the country re fluoridation and see no reason to change my stance that sufficient protection for teeth is provided by toothpaste and fluoridation of our water is not necessary. Max Shierlaw Hutt Western Ward Strongly disagree with fluoridation. Personal philosophy on an individual’s right to decide on their medication. This issue is particularly relevant for Petone. Any candidate in the Harbour Ward (Petone) who agrees with fluoridation is also supporting fluoridating Petone’s water supply. I note both the incumbent Councillors have voted in support of fluoridated water. Lynette Vigras Hutt Western Ward We are so lucky to have the wonderful water from the Hutt aquifer piped into our homes. This water is not chlorinated, but unfortunately (in my opinion) it does have added fluoride. Therefore, like many Hutt, Porirua and Wellington residents, I often join the crowds getting \”Petone\” water because that does not have fluoride added to it. Thyroid problems have afflicted some members of my family and there is research that suggests that fluoride can alter endocrine function. This, as well as wanting to choose which additives my family consumes, leads me
Max Shierlaw (Western Ward) Against 2011 – Voted FOR a referendum – Definitely against fluoridation
Lynette Vigrass(Western Ward) Against
Gwen McDonald (Northern Ward) Supports consultation 2011 – Voted FOR a referendum
Barbara Branch (Eastern Ward) Against
Lisa Bridson (Eastern Ward) Against 2011 – Voted FOR a referendumI think you will have me on record for supporting NOT adding fluoride to water. On a scale, I somewhat disagree. I have also been very keen on having more sources for aquifer water. Even if there are not the numbers around council to stop fluoridating, at least having a couple of aquifer sources gives people a choice
Margaret Willard (Wainuiomata Ward) Supports Consulation 2011 – Voted FOR a referendum;
Ken Laban (Wainuiomaata Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum
David Bassett (Central Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum
Chris Milne (Central Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum
Angus Finlayson (Northern Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum
Margaret Cousins (Western Ward) For 2011 – Voted AGAINST a referendum


COUNCILLORS (what they said in 2010)

Position statement
Ray Wallace (Mayor) Supports consulation Adding Fluoride to the water must be reviewed . I have been working with Mary Byrne and Mark Aitken on this. Petone water will remain fluoride free under my Mayoralty and as I say we need to review the rest of the city.
David Bassett (Central Ward)
Lisa Bridson (Eastern Ward) Supports consultation I understand there are strong feelings on both sides of this debate. While fluoridation prevents tooth decay, it may cause dental fluorosis. Adding fluoride to the public water supply may be for the common good, but it infringes on individual rights to choose.There are alternatives to fluoridation that should be studied further and promoted, such as oral health education in schools, promoting healthy eating, adequately funding screening and treatment especially for those at high risk of developing dental caries.

I am uncomfortable about mass medication, and would prefer to take a cautious approach, and look at each on a case by case basis. Iodine in salt, for example, is an exception for me, which I do support. The fluoride debate doesn’t seem that clear cut.

I like the fact that Hutt Valley residents have the choice as to whether to live where the water is fluoridated or not. The Petone Artesian water is such a pleasure to drink. It would be a shame to add anything to it.

I do not feel strongly enough about this issue to take a strong stance one way or the other. I believe it is up to communities to make the final decision about whether they want fluoride added to their water, based on informed decisions and consultation, and I would support their decision.

Margaret Cousins (Western Ward)
Angus Finlayson (Northern Ward)
Ross Jamieson (Harbour Ward)
Ken Laban (Wainuiomata Ward)
Michael Lulich (Harbour Ward)
Gwen McDonald (Northern Ward)
Chris Milne (Central Ward)
Max Shierlaw (Western Ward) Not sure I have no strong views on the matter. I accept that there is considerable evidence from reputable health professionals who hold a contrary view to the Ministry of Health. Councillors should not disregard this evidence.  I support an independent market researcher undertaking a survey of people randomly selected.
Roger Styles (Eastern Ward) Against 1. I do not support fluoridation. I have opposed it on Council but have as yet been unable to gain majority support to change policy outright.

2. I’ve gained Council support for the health warnings on the website, and believe that aiming for a referendum on the issue is a feasible goal.

3. I have found previous advice from Ministry of Health to be wanting on this issue.  My view is that NZ will follow suit when the US decides to cease fluoridation.  Unfortunately this may still be some years away.  In the meantime, I support Council engaging residents on a range of water issues including fluoridation.

4. At the very least, a consultative process should be undertaken.  I support a referendum, but due to the cost involved, believe this should perhaps cover off a range of things.  The next triennium will see an opportunity to get feedback on potential governance reforms in the region, so a referendum seems an appropriate vehicle for several important issues.

Margaret Willard (Wainuiomata Ward)


Position statement
Paul Alcock (Eastern Ward) Not sure I think the time is opportune for this to be debated at length. There is clearly a bow wave of support to stop fluoridation. The opportunity to opt out of drinking our fluoridated water supply in Lower Hutt already exists via a public fountain located in Petone. I would not commit my vote until all evidence was heard but I’m currently swayed toward removing it. Whilst the argument still exists regarding tooth decay comparisons I think there are other methods to stop decay now. My youngest daughter (28 years) for instance went to the dentist for the first time in a number of years recently and received a clean bill of health thanks apparently to a coating applied to her teeth at primary school. Obviously who ever did this did a great job. The majority opinion of consumers should rule.
Fred Allen For ERMA assessment I recommend a re-assessment of fluoride by ERMA.
Robert Ashe For referendum Firstly, I’m no expert in dental or public health. There are strong health claims made by both of these groups for the inclusion of fluoride in water. However, I also take a precautionary approach to mass medication, so think there is a good reason to have a more informed debate about the issue given the levels of concern in the community.

I would support residents petitioning for a referendum on water fluoridation. I’d also happily support removing fluoridation from our water supply if this was supported by a majority of voters.

Barbara Branch (Eastern Ward) Against I have made my stand on fluoride abundantly clear over the past three years (and before, when I was on the Petone community Board and fought to retain the Petone water).

1. I do not support fluoridation believing that with fluoridated toothpaste etc. readily available then that is sufficient to protect children’s teeth.

2. If re-elected I will continue to support your fluoride group – as I have been doing the past 3 years!

3. I have always found it unpalatable that the MOH does not do more thorough investigations of other countries where fluoridation has been stopped.  Also I do not like the unfair recourse to financial resources the MOH has to make its case compared to the resources of ordinary citizens.

4. I certainly support a referendum and consultation process.

Just as an addition.  I was furious that Mary and Mark were unable to present their video presentation at the annual plan despite plenty of time being allowed for it. I do NOT believe that that is democracy!

Grant Brookes (Eastern Ward) Supports consultation As a nurse, I am acutely aware of the principle of informed consent which underpins New Zealand’s health system. This principle upholds a person’s right to refuse treatment, if they so wish.

The addition of fluoride to town water supply, as recommended by the Ministry of Health, is essentially a medical treatment to prevent tooth decay. However, in practice there is no right to refuse this treatment, as drinking water is necessary for life and in most cases there is no alternative supply.

I am also acutely aware that medical treatments almost always carry side-effects, which range from insignificant to serious.

I am not an expert in dental or public health. These specialties are outside my scope of professional practice, so I feel unable to weigh up the evidence for health risks and benefits of water fluoridation myself.

However, there do appear to be grounds for concern about potential side-effects of water fluoridation, particularly for bottle-fed babies. I am also peronally concerned about the source of fluoride added to New Zealand water. Derived from waste products produced in the manufacture of phosphate fertiliser, I would be worried if – as claimed – the fluoride also contains toxic, heavy metal contaminants.

Given the reasonable grounds for concern, and the principle of the right to refuse medical treatment, I strongly support the right of residents to petition for a referendum on water fluoridation. To be fair, any referendum must also contain spending caps, so that the pro-fluoride lobby is not able to unduly sway the result through an expensive advertising campaign.

Gerald Davidson (Petone Community Board) Against Firstly Petone water is unfluoridated. I would not support any change to this situation. Petone people were last asked of their opinion in 1999 and the result was clearly against fluoridation. I have not picked up any change to that position. Essentially my position is to act in accordance with what the ratepayers and residents of Petone want. My personal position relates one of principle.The only consideration with the supply of water is that it should be safe to use. Fluoridation has no relevance to this. It does not really matter whether fluoridation reduces dental decay or not. Even if it were found to be effective beyond any doubt I would still oppose fluoridation.
Karl Dickson (Wainuiomata Community Board) Not sure I would definitely fall into the “not sure” group on this, although as a parent of two small children this is an issue that my wife and I feel we need to be more informed on. I most definitely see with the value in being more informed by the MOH, and like with other issues like this, I would like to be able to make an informed choice. I would definitely support more consultation and a referendum on this issue.
Julie Englebretsen
(Northern Ward)
Against I would be in favour of creating more of those water outlets throughout our city. Mayor Ogden has spoken about this recently. It is interesting the history behind adding it to our water when the teeth decay deteoriated with the higher intake of sugar in the 50s – 60s. I am against putting fluoride in the water I don’t think we need it it is a dangerous chemical.  If governments want children to have fluoride it should be freely available at the chemist, to add to water and be a matter of choice.
Peter Foaese
(Petone Community Board)
Against I believe I was still at Primary school when I first heard of ideas about fluoridation, at that time I thought it was a good idea but that may have been because of what I was being told.

I personally do notagree with fluoridation, I understand the health benefits it could have (if health experts are correct) to the populace but do not agree with societal implications this action could have. Water is a necessity and thats why it is and always should be in public ownership. In a country where we do not need to walk 100kms to get clean water I feel we should all be grateful. Its for this reason I believe putting fluoride in our water is wrong, in a democratic country we should have the individual right to decide whether we drink fluoride water or not, fluoridating our water takes that right away. It is the beginning of a very messy slippery slope- if it seems our communities will benefit from something does it give government, both local and central, the right to make decisions affecting resources we require for day to day living?

Being force fed medicine is never the right way to go, regardless of how good it tastes. Also, after viewing the video attached I wonder whether there are medicinal properties to flouridated water and am very concerned about the adverse affects drinking fluoridated water could have on pregnant woman.

However, in regards to what steps I would take to prevent it- I would inact your fourth question. Community consultation. I do not pretend to know enough about the subject to be able to act effectively but I know very well that there are many in my community that have been vocal about it and would have some ideas around what could be done.

Mike Fisher (Petone Community Board) Against I am strongly against fluoridation of water. The residents of Petone have made it very clear that they do not want our water supply fluoridated.  If elected, I would strongly advocate and lobby against fluoridation at Board and Council level and actively support keeping our Petone water natural. Any moves to change the status quo with regards to Petone’s water must involve full consultation and a referendum.
Ephraim Luigi Marquez Gazo Against My stance on fluoridation is that I oppose it due to some of its negative effects, mainly dental fluorosis (to which I mildly suffer from due to my time in the Philippines where fluoridation occurs). I do however, am keen to hear both sides of the argument and to consult as many people as possible in order to get everyone’s opinions heard and debated. I (and probably as well as most of the people in my community) have either no or limited knowledge of this issue, although are keen to learn more and so I applaud groups like you that raise awareness in regards to this matter.
Omar Hamed (Northern Ward) Supports referendum Valley Action Network holds no policy on this issue except that control of the water supply and flouridation should be democratically decided, by referendum if it is popularly requested.
Ross Jamieson Against Fluoride should not be added to the water – people should be able to make their own choice through buying fluoride toothpaste etc. The other questions are academic, as my views are not shared by the majority of councillors, I would support a referendum on the issue however.
Leole Malama (Northern Ward) Against Thank you for your concerns. I actually found that quite interesting to read. Being the eldest of 7 kids, I passed that information onto my mum and she was actually quite shocked as she is passionate about the water we drink. She however did not know the reality of the Hutt’s water supply and neither did I.

I think you’d be pleased to know that I support your claim. It sounds like money wastage especially at a time like this when everyone is trying to recover/get through the recession. However I am going to research further into the matter so that I am more knowledgeable about it.

If elected, I would like to bring this matter up. It is obviously something that not only concerns you, but should be looked at carefully as it effects the whole Hutt Valley. Cutting costs to our water by doing something as little as removing an unnecessary ingredient from our water is definitely worth looking at.

Reg Moore (Wainuiomata Ward, Wainuiomata Community Board) Against I do not support flouridation of the water supplies, if anyone wants to take flouride, they can take tablets, as used to be done prior to it being added to the water supplies. I have grave doubts about its claimed benefits. Dentists still seem to be as busy as they were before flouridation I have in the past, and will in the future, assist those opposed to flouridation to put their case to councils and the public. While I am already opposed to flouridation of water supplies, I would certainly support a referendum on this issue.
Heather Robb (Wainuiomata Community Board) Against I do not support fluoridation of water supplies – I believe the less chemicals in our water the better! If elected I would support some sort of consultative process to find out:
a) Opinions of residents of this community to fluoridation, and
b) Whether they wish to have a referendum on the issue
Graeme Sharman (Northern Ward) Not sure I have to confess that I do not have enough knowledge of the topic to make an educated judgement. You have raised some very valid points, and some concerns that I would like to gather more information on. It is very unlike me to not have an opinion on a particular issue, however on this topic I would like to hear the points made from both sides before deciding what side of the fence I sit.
John Terris Against I don’t support fluoridation where the water supply is already fluoride free (i.e Petone). My understanding is that the last time the community was surveyed about the rest of Lower Hutt, a majority favoured keeping fluoridation. However that might well be out-of date. I don’t believe people should have stuff put into their water without their consent.
Lynette Vigrass (Western Ward) Against I do not support the fluoridation of drinking water in Lower Hutt. We have excellent unchlorinated artesian water here and it would be even better if it had no additives at all in it, as in Petone. I confess I am confused by the certainty with which so many dentists seem to support fluoridation of water and affirm its positive effect on tooth health; however, I believe that it would be much better to promote breastfeeding and a limited-sugar healthy diet to improve dental health in children. Regular dental checks from an early age are also essential.People are able to avail themselves of fluoridated toothpaste or specific dental fluoride treatments, if they want. My belief is that additives should only be universally used in exceptional and essential circumstances e.g. iodised salt, necessary to compensate for the iodine deficiency in our soils.