RCR fluoride on the brain

New Zealand Documentary, Fluoride on the Brain.

Reality Check Radio published their first In-Focus documentary, January 2024. This half hour doco covers the fluoridation issue here in New Zealand. It covers the latest science on IQ, the real cause of dental decay, the current legislation, court action and what is happening at the local level where communities are pushing back.

Links to all the show notes, one minute teasers and Alistair Harding’s blog describing his fluoride journey can be found on Reality Check Radio In Focus.

Dr Robin Whyman, former Chief Oral Health Advisor for the Ministry of Health, provided replies to Alistair’s questions on behalf of the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA).

See our rebuttal, New Zealand Dental Association’s response to new documentary proves no case for fluoridation, and a detailed critique by Dr Hardy Limeback,  BSc PhD DDS, Prof. Emeritus, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto.