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Past Newsletters

13 November 2023 Court Ruling now out, Council Consultation and council talks

23 October 2023 This week – Important council meetings, more talks, interview with top international researcher.

12 October 2023 Various media coverage and more new studies

25th September 2023 Update on Court Case, Council meetings, talks

29th August 2023  Important WBOP council meeting and other council meetings this week

7th August 2023 Court Action, MoH, Council Meetings and Talks

15th July 2023 New Plymouth Hotspot and other updates

6th July 2023 – People are getting active.

10 June 2023 – Fluoride Free Hits the Road

17 May 2023 – AGM Reminder & Fluoride the New Lead Confirmed by Top US Govt Scientific Body

1 May 2023 – This year’s AGM – Sunday 21st May

9 April 2023 –  Rebuttal of Stuff’s “The Whole Truth: Water fluoridation – at recommended levels – is safe and beneficial”

2nd January 2023 – 2023 A big year ahead of us

4th November 2022 – Update on US Court Action and NZ Rising

22nd September 2022 – Waipa Action – We need this around the country

6th September 2022 – Stop Mandatory Fluoridation – Take Action

8th August 2022 – Bloomfield orders councils to start fluoridation or else!

25th July 2022 – Protest at Hutt City Council

2nd July 2022 – Director General of Health now contacting councils to start fluoridation

20th April 2022 – Zoom link for Fluoride Free NZ AGM for 2022

26th March 2022 – Fluoride Free NZ AGM for 2022

6th December 2021 – A bit of good news from the US

10th November 2021 – Mandatory Fluoridation is now Law

16th June 2021 – Reminder – Select Committee Feedback closes on Friday and Sunday’s Webinar

12th June 2021 – Public Zoom Tomorrow Sunday 1pm with Prof Connett, Science Advisor Chris Neurath and Lawyer Michael Connett

10th June 2021 – URGENT – 8 days to give feedback – Mandatory Fluoridation Bill to Select Committee

25th March 2021 – Government now decides absolutely no public say on fluoridation

1st March 2021 – Government announces mandatory fluoridated on its way

26th January 2021 – Andrew Little pushes mandatory fluoridation and proposes debate

15th November 2020 – Mandatory Fluoridation Bill, Clutha District Council might stop fluoridation

27th August 2020 – Robert F Kennedy Interviews FAN Attorney

27th June 2020 – US Court Orders EPA Take Second Look at Fluoride

10th June 2020 – US Court Case has started!

19th April 2020 – AGM, US Court Case and Petition

9th March 2020 – Time to go back to the Councils

4th October 2019Candidate Responses – Council and DHB Elections 2019

2nd September 2019Billboards have gone up around the country

24th August 2019 – Breaking – Top Medical Journal – Fluoridated Water Reduces Childrens’ IQs

31st July 2019 – Canadian Pro-Fluoridation O’Brien Institute of Public Health Rings Alarm Bells.

16th May 2019 – Annual General Meeting 2019

7th April 2019 – I nearly fell off my chair, fluoride dangers in mainstream news

21st December 2018 – Some Christmas Cheer

26th November 2018 – Reach Jacinda – The Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy

11th October 2018 – Three new studies link fluoride to brain and thyroid disorders

20th September 2018 – Fluoride and 1080

13th September 2018 – Videos of Expert Talks

25th August 2018 – Let’s make this our best tour ever

6th August 2018 – Team of International Fluoride Experts to Speak in New Zealand

31st July 2018 – New Rethink Fluoride Campaign Launched

29th June 2018 – NZ Supreme Court rules fluoridation is compulsory medical treatment

23rd June 2018Paul Connett’s Presentation to the New Zealand Parliament

31st May 2018Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility Warn NZ Govt of Fluoride Dangers

22nd Mary 2018 – NZ Fertiliser Company Faces Big Fine for Toxic Fluoride Gas Cloud

7th May 2018 – Is your arthritis really skeletal fluorosis?

17th April 2018 – NZ First Support, Mosgiel Meeting, Fluoride Overdose and Contamination

27th February 2018 – Breakfast Show, Meeting MPs and Way Forward

21st February 2017 – Professor Connett on Breakfast Show TV1

12th February 2018 – Professor Connett tour off to good start

10th January 2018 – Postcards ready to send

21st December 2017 – Fluoride Free Off to Parliament

16th December 2017 – Letter to Jacinda

17th November 2017  – NZ Supreme Court today, Govt picks up Fluoridation Bill, Postcards

31st October 2017New Govt Postcard Campaign and Prof Connett here in 2018

21st September 2017  New US Government study on fluoride damage to brain must spell end to fluoridation

22nd August 2017 – Good News – Second Reading of Mandatory Fluoridation Bill Delayed

18th August 2017 –  Farewell to Fluoride-Free Champion

11th July 2017 – New study on NZ Fluoride Over-dose

22nd June 2017 – Still time to stop the Mandatory Fluoridation Bill

18th May 2017AGM and Local Campaigns Springing into Action

25th April 2017Nanogirl, Debate, Give-A-Little, Voting Survey and more

3rd April 2017 – Hearings finished, 2nd Reading in two months time

18th March 2017 – Our Hearings in NZ Parliament This Week

13th March 2017 – We Go To Parliament This Week!

27th February 2017 – Prof Paul Connett in Wellington next week

16th February 2017 – Health Select Committee Update

24th January 2017 – If there was ever a time for ACTION, that time is NOW!

10th January 2017 – Our Chance To Stop Fluoridation Nationwide

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