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 WE the undersigned residents in the Waipā District Council area:

1.     Advise the Waipā District Council we do not want fluoride added to our drinking water.

2.     Remind the Waipā District Council that its duty is to the communities it serves, not central Government policy.

3.     Advise the Waipā District Council we want them to put the unlawful directive from the Director-General of Health on hold.

4.     Advise the Waipā District Council that we want urgent consultation as per the requirements under the 2002 Local Government Body Act.


2 August 2023 Public Attend Waipa District Council Meeting

On the 27th July 2022 the Director General of Health (DG) ordered the Waipa District Council to start fluoridation. This was done under the jurisdiction of the Health Act which was amended in 2021 to include a clause that put sole decision making for fluoridation into the hands of the DG.

People in Waipa are not happy and are opposing this. Please help by contacting your local coordinator Kane Titchener at .

On the 2nd of August 2022 Kane Titchener presented to the Strategic Planning and Policy Committee at Waipa District Council. He suggested to the Council that they oppose the diktat they have received from the DG. Time to stand up for their community. (watch from 4 minutes in).

On the 11th of August a motion was put forward to the Te Awamutu Community Board. 

The Te Awamutu Community Board votes to add health warning to neurotoxic fluoridated water