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Central Government Dictates to New Plymouth. July 2023: Fluoridation was restarted in New Plymouth on the 31st of July 2023 after 12 years of no fluoridation.

There is an active campaign to reverse this decision. Please contact Chris Lind () or Melissa () or Stuart Bramhall () if you would like to be involved.

New Plymouth Fluoridation Information

Stuff 12th July 2023 Fluoride ready to flow in New Plymouth’s water despite protests

RNZ 12th July 2023 Water fluoridation fires up opponents in New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News 9 June 2015 Fluoride Decision from Council

The issue of fluoride will be looked at again in a New Plymouth District Council report.

Councillors have voted for council officers to complete a report on the issue of fluoridation of the council’s water supply.

The report will discuss the possibility of holding a poll on the issue.

Fluoride has long been a contentious issue in the district. In 2011 the council resolved to cease fluoridation of the New Plymouth water supply, but debate has been ongoing since.

The council received 282 submissions relating to fluoride in it’s Long Term Plan process.

Taranaki Daily News 5 June 2015 Students get teeth varnished with fluoride

Taranaki Daily News 10th February 2015

NPDN 10Feb2015

Taranaki Daily News 9th February 2015 Push to get fluoride back on New Plymouth agenda 

Taranaki Daily News 9th September 2014 Fluoride gone rot sets in

Taranaki Daily News 26th August 2014 Pair want city back on fluoride

13th October 2011 –  New Plymouth District Council Ends Water Fluoridation!!  Watch the 2 day Tribunal Hearings.

Starts with Primary Presentation: The Professional Perspective DVD (25 minutes) followed by Whangarei dentist Dr Lawrie Brett (25 minutes) and A&E GP, Dr Peter Scanlon (35 minutes). 

Watch the meeting where the councillors decided here   See FANNZ reporting of the event.

Taranaki Daily News 21st October 2011 Residents buy up fluoride tablets.

Top Dentist at MoH, Robyn Haisman-Welsh, advises fluoride tablets are not the answer and residents should brush their teeth.

14th October 2011 Bombshell decision to end fluoridation in New Plymouth

Also in this article: Council officer, Brent Manning advises fluoridation will not actually stop until mid-November as that is the cheapest way of disposing of the chemical.

14th October 2011 Editorial – Why Fluoride Move May Make Sense

1st October 2011  TDHB Member Condemns Fluoridation

30th September 2011  Hot Start for Fluoridation Hearing.

13th September 2011  Fluoridation Debate attracts submissions

27th April 2011  DHB set to back fluoride in water.

13th April 2011  Fluoride can affect the brain.

Fluoridation Tribunal September 2011

IMPORTANT! Join the rally to tell NPDC we will not accept toxic fluoride in the water. Rally starts 8:30 am outside Council chambers, Liardet St. (where the hearing is being held).

SEE! the hearing: Live streaming and download. Council Fluoridation Tribunal Hearing The format, according to the Council is this:

Day one (Thursday 29 September)

9:00am – open and welcome by chair Primary presentation one (1 hour and 30 minutes) Councillor questions to primary presenter one (30 minutes)

11:00am (approx) morning tea Primary presentation two (1 hour 30 minutes) Councillor questions to primary presenter two (30 minutes)

1.30pm (approx) lunch Individual representations  (10 minutes with 5 minute councillor questions per person)

5.00pm – close of day one

Day two – Friday 30 September

9.00am – open and welcome by chair Continuation of individual representations Breaks (scheduled in) Closing presentation by primary presenter two (30 minutes) Closing presentation by primary presenter one (30 minutes) Close of meeting

Deliberations The Council will reconvene on Thursday 13 October for deliberations. The Councillors decision on whether to stop fluoridation, extend fluoridation or continue in the areas already fluoridated, will be announced.

NPDC Fluoridation Hearing Planned September 2011

The New Plymouth District Council plans to hold a Tribunal style hearing in September.  They are deciding on a city-wide policy of fluoridation so the currently unfluoridated towns of Inglewood, Oakura and Okato will be fluoridated unless the Council decide no fluoridation for the whole district.  The Fluoride Free Taranaki group are planning to hold public meetings in each of these towns in the next few weeks. Details of the meetings will be advertised here and on Facebook. It appears there is a strong faction within the Council that does not want to see an end to fluoridation.  Cr Heather Dodunski tried to silence submitters by saying that the Council was only discussing the Budget and not fluoridation. And each time a submitter got up to speak the Mayor requested that people talk about the budget and not fluoridation per se.  However, the Council had received legal advice and they knew that they could not stop people talking about whatever they wanted so it was not very fair of them to try to pressure people into not talking about fluoridation. The Council doesn’t have the right to censure people.  Certain council staff and councillors are doing their utmost to keep the issue of fluoridation under wraps as much as possible.  We need to do the opposite and get the message out. The time is now.

Council’s Tribunal style consultation is outlined in section B4 of the New Plymouth Consultation Policy.  It’s now New Plymouth’s opportunity to stop the addition of this harmful hazardous waste to their drinking water once and for all.

Contact the Council – let your views be known.

7 July 2011: Public Information and free DVD Screening in Waitara Waitara poster.doc

31 May 2011:Taranaki Daily News – “Fluoride debate flares up again 

13 April 2011: Taranaki Daily News – “Fluoride ‘can affect brain’

12 April 2011: Public meeting and presentation by Paul Connett, at Quality Hotel Plymouth International.

Fluoridation Position Statements of New Plymouth Councillors Council details on fluoridation – how much is added, where it comes from, when it started etc.

27 August 2010: Taranaki Daily News – “Candidates want more information on fluoride issue

22 June 2010: Taranaki Daily News – “City fluoride levels safe, says council

10 June 2010: Fluoridation to be reconsidered in New Plymouth. The New Plymouth District Council considered the FANNZ submission demanding the cessation of fluoridation in New Plymouth and acknowledged that consultation on the matter has not taken place in the 2010/11 budget. The Council resolved to investigate fluoridation in the District in the next council term through a special consultative procedure. FANNZ encourages all New Plymouth residents to speak out against fluoridation when the consultation takes place.