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Gisborne City Fluoridation Information


What was the outcome of the 2015 Long Term Plan on the fluoridation issue?

Gisborne is to continue fluoridation.


What parts of Gisborne are fluoridated?

The Gisborne City Distribution Zone and the Gisborne Rural Distribution Zone.


What fluoride chemicals are used to fluoridate Gisborne’s water supply?

IXOM (formerly Orica) supplies Hydrofluorosilicic Acid H2SiF6 to Council to fluoridate.


What level is Gisborne fluoridated at?

Typically 0.6 – 0.8 g/m3


Where is the waste water for Gisborne discharged?

Poverty Bay via Gisborne WWTP


Is there a Resource consent for the discharge of fluoridation chemicals into the Poverty Bay via Gisborne WWTP?



Can you provide the section of the consent that permits?

Not explicitly included in Resource Consent.


Is there a Resource Consent held by Gisborne District Council to add Hydrofluorosilicic Acid to the Gisborne’s water supplies?



How much per annum is spent on Hydrofluorosilicic acid?

$12,076 for 2014/15 financial year


How much per annum is spent on implementing water fluoridation?

Cannot provide accurate detail. including internal overheads and oncosting about $25k.


How much per annum is spent on testing the levels of water fluoridation?

Weekly lab testing for DWSNZ required, costs to be confirmed with new lab contractor. Estimated annual costs around $3000 (this figure is unconfirmed).


How much does it cost per Tonne of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid?

About $500 / tonne + GST (our supplier informs us this is commercially sensitive information).


How many Tonne of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid is added into Gisborne’s shared environment?

In 2014/15 about 27m3 per annum, based on a daily average of 73.85ltrs.


How frequent is the levels of fluoride in the water tested?

Weekly lab testing.


Who performs the testing?

IANZ Lab testing done by Watercare, Auckland.


When did fluoridation begin in Gisborne and has there been any public consultation since beginning?

Fluoridation started in mid 1960s.



Candidates in 2013 election FOR ending fluoridation

22nd June 2013 The Gisborne Herald Fluoride advocates can’t back down now – Article link subsequently removed.

22nd June 2013 The Gisborne Herald Water fluoridation benefits all, but especially the poor

14th June 2013 The Gisborne Herald Decision to add fluoride made for greater good.

May 2013 – The campaign to stop fluoridation in Gisborne has started.  See Fluoride Free Gisborne Facebook page and use that or contact to put in contact with the Gisborne group.

Sep 2005 – Fluoridation of the City Water Supply by Gisborne Council. Includes a historical overview, description of FANNZ submission to council, and Ministry of Health’s typical response (at odds with the concerns of the international scientific and medical community)