Silicofluorides have been shown to increase human uptake of environmental lead, while calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride do not.

This is important because lead is a powerful neurotoxin that specifically increases vioent behaviour.

This phenomenon was first demonstrated by Masters and Coplan in 1999. To confirm their initial findings, they examined the Police records of the incidence of violent crime, in relation to the incidence of non-violent crime (as the control mechanism) in fluoridated and unfluoridated communities. The fluoridated communities demonstrated a relative increase in violent crime, vs non-violent crime. Environmental lead comes mainly from old lead paint (often eaten by children) and plumbing joints. Lead is also present as a contaminant in the industrial grade chemicals used in fluoridation.

The fluoridation lobby (US Centers for Disease Control)  immediately commissioned a “damage conttrol” piece by Urbansky and Schock, published in 2000. This was a theoretical opinion piece only – not research – yet is relied on by fluoridation pushers as a “rebuttal” of Masters and Coplan’s work.

Masters and Coplans’ findings have been repeated and published.

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