Help us complete this list by contacting your local council or water treatment facility and finding out:

1. which compound is used to fluoridate your water

2. the target dose of fluoride

3. the annual cost of operation (materials, training, equipment maintenance, etc.)

4. the supplier (company and country)

5. chemical composition, including levels of known contaminants.


Materials Safety data:

Hydrofluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6)

Sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6)

Sodium fluoride (NaF)


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Treatment Plants for Fluoride 47 plants supplying 2,273,970 people in 129 zones within 48 communities.

Any Council that is fluoridating above 0.7ppm is out of step with the US DHHS recommendation on target fluoride concentration announced in April 2015. Auckland Council followed this recommendation in January 2016. Fluoride Free NZ’s recommended concentration target is 0ppm.


Location Sodium fluorosilicate Sodium fluoride Hydrofluorosilicic acid Target F Conc. (mg/L or ppm) Ann. Approx. Tonnes & Cost  Supplier
(Na2SiF6)  (NaF)  (H2SiF6)   
Auckland x  0.7 $200k – $300k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Balclutha x 0.85 $15k Kauri NZ
Dunedin x 0.75 $38k DC Rosser Ltd, importing Na2SiF6 from Prayon (Belgium)
Gisborne x 0.7 $14k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Greater Wellington x x 0.85 $182k + $80k training costs Na2SiF6 from Consolidated Chemical Company Australia, H2SiF6 from Ixom (prev. Orica) (NZ)
Kapiti x 0.7 $13k importing Na2SiF6 from India
Hamilton x 0.7–0.8 $40k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Hastings x 0.7 $17k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Hawera, Normanby, Okaiawa, Ohawe x 0.85 $2k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Masterton x 0.7 Ixom (prev. Orica)
New Plymouth x 0.7 Was $35k Ceased.
Palmerston North 0.8 $42k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Pukekohe x 0.7 $5k-$6k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Taumarunui x 0.0 Was $6.5k Ceased
Taupo, Turangi x x 0.85 $2.6k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Thames x 0.7 $2.5k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Tokoroa x (18% in undiluted form) 0.7 $5k Ixom (prev. Orica)
Whakatane, Ohope x 0.7 $10.3k Ixom (prev. Orica)