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We are everyday Kiwis backed by informed dental and health professionals who have studied the research on water fluoridation. Water fluoridation is not the answer to tooth decay. The solution is to promote dental hygiene education, a good diet and regular visits to the dentist. Swallowing fluoride affects the whole body.

It doesn’t work.

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It’s not safe.

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New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world where some councils still choose to fluoridate the water. 97% of European countries do not fluoridate their water supplies. Fluoridation is increasingly being challenged around the world as awareness grows.

Informed Dentists Oppose Fluoridation

Dentists are taught that Fluoridation is an effective practice. When Dentists investigate for themselves they find that Science disagrees with this theory taught by a handful of countries.

10 Facts about Fluoride

Attorney Michael Connett summarizes 10 basic facts about fluoride that should be considered in any discussion about whether to fluoridate water. To download the flyer that accompanies this video, click here. To watch Michael debate the fluoridation issue with several fluoridation advocates, click here.

NZ Hero Dr John Colquhoun

The late Dr John Colquhoun was the Principal Dental Officer of Auckland and head of the Fluoridation Promotion Group when he changed his mind about fluoridation Why I Changed My Mind About Fluoridation

Secret Fluoridation Review Totally One-Sided Admits Chair

Press Release: Mark Atkin Secret Fluoridation Review Totally One-Sided Admits Chair 15 August 2014 The secret ‘review’ of water fluoridation will only look at research that supports fluoridationists’ belief in ‘the safety and efficacy of fluoride in water’, says Sir Peter Gluckman, co-chair of this thereby-admitted ‘kangaroo review’. It is no wonder that scientific studies…


Win for Common Sense in Rotorua

Fluoride Free New Zealand congratulates Rotorua councillors for abandoning plans to hold a referendum. This is despite intense efforts from fluoridation lobbyists with the DHB even offering to pay half or up to $50,000 for a referendum. This is a big win for common sense, democracy and freedom. It allows residents to choose if they…


Fluoride Free NZ Campaign Targets Taupo and Turangi

Following on from the very successful Rotorua ‘Informed Dentists and Doctors Fluoridation Event’ Fluoride Free NZ will be holding the ‘Dentists, Doctors & School Dental Nurses Taupo Event’ on Saturday 15 November from 4pm – 6pm. Location: Rotary House, 12 Story Place, Taupo.   Local Councillors, Local MPs, Iwi representatives, local dentists and doctors, and the Public from Taupo…


Open Letter to Labour’s David Shearer

Fluoride Free NZ is surprised to hear you refer to those of us who take an active concern of clean pure drinking water as parasites. We find your comments baseless and insulting to the majority of international scientists and world governments, who have rejected fluoridation as ineffective, unsafe, and unethical.  It also seems a rather…


Local councils attempt to abdicate responsibility

Fluoride Free New Zealand is disappointed with the decision made at Local Government New Zealand’s (LGNZ) Annual Conference to lobby central Government to take control of fluoridation.  LGNZ members should not be abdicating their responsibility to protect their residents from harm, to anyone, even central Government.  Whether or not a person wants to consume fluoride chemicals…


In Memory of Dr Peter Scanlon

  We are sad to announce that Dr Peter Scanlon passed away on Tuesday (15th July 2014) in hospital after battling cancer for the past year. Dr Scanlon will be sorely missed by everyone in Fluoride Free New Zealand. Dr Scanlon gave great presentations to New Plymouth, Hamilton and South Taranaki District Councils. He did…


Fluoride Free NZ Campaign Heads To Rotorua

Fluoride Free NZ will be holding the ‘Informed Dentists and Doctors Rotorua Event’ on Saturday 26 July from 4pm – 6pm at the Sudima Hotel, Rotorua.   Local Councillors, MP Nominees, Iwi representatives, local dentists and doctors, and the Public have all been invited to hear the Informed Dentists and Doctors say Keep Fluoride Out of Rotorua’s shared water…